From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Arcade & Attica Arcade 278 Main St No P Railroad 1830 Wood In use Arcade & Attica Originally a house before being purchased by RR in 1900. 4.jpg
Buffalo & Susquehanna Arcade (Now at) 99-101 Park St Yes C Private 1905 Wood n/a Turned 90 degrees. 42.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Chace (Now at) 42.665950, -78.065501 Yes Private Wood n/a - 23.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Hardys Hardys Corner Rd Yes C Private Wood n/a - 28.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Silver Lake Assembly No P Private Concrete Gone Shelter 37.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Warsaw 42.736626, -78.132083 No F Business 1912 Brick Gone - 39.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Warsaw 42.746449, -78.128842 No C Railroad 1904 Wood In use Rochester & Southern - 40.jpg
Erie Railroad Attica Exchange St. No C Railroad 1879 Wood In use NS - 195.jpg
Erie Railroad Silver Springs 42.661624, -78.083569 No P Railroad Wood In use NS Joint with BR&P. 241.jpg
New York Central Attica 180 Main St. No F Business Wood Gone - 388.jpg
Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Arcade (Now at) 2xx Main St Yes C Business Wood n/a Arcade & Attica Turned 90 degrees. 720.jpg
Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Curriers Chaffee-Curriers Rd No F Historical/Railroad Wood In use Arcade & Attica Used by RR and society. 721.jpg
Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Java Center 1457 Main St. No C Business Wood In use Arcade & Attica - 722.jpg
Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Johnsonburg Centerline Rd. No Private Wood Gone - 723.jpg