From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Cooperstown Railroad Ave No C Railroad 1869 Wood Not in use DO System headquarters. 70.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Cherry Valley off Genesee St No C Municipal 1870 Wood Gone - 83.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Cooperstown 204 Main St No P Private 1916 Stone Gone - 88.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Cooperstown No F Wood Not in use Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley - 960.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Milford East Main St No C Historical 1876 Wood In use Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley - 105.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Oneonta Market St No P Business - Dining 1892 Brick In use CPRail 107.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Oneonta Market St No F Private 1890 Brick In use CPRail Apartments 108.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Otego 10 Railroad Ave No C Business 1867 Wood In use CPRail - 109.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Portlandville Rt 35 No C Private 1878 Wood In use Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Few 100 yards after crossing the river. 114.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Schenevus Depot St No C Business 1865 Wood In use CPRail - 125.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Unadilla Depot St No P Vacant 1904 Wood In use CPRail - 131.jpg
Delaware & Hudson Unadilla Depot St No F Business 1866 Stone In use CPRail 132.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Edmeston South St No C Business 1907 Wood Gone - 606.jpg
Southern New York Cooperstown Main and Chestnut Sts No P Wood Gone Used after 1917 trackage relocation. 940.jpg
Southern New York Cooperstown Main St No P Business Wood Gone Original station 941.jpg
Southern New York Fly Creek Cemetary Rd No C Business 1900 Wood Gone - 710.jpg
Southern New York Hartwick CR 11 No F Business 1898 Wood Gone - 711.jpg
Southern New York Laurens (now at) Main St Yes C Private 1901 Wood n/a - 714.jpg
Southern New York Oaksville (now at) East Main St Yes C Railroad Wood n/a Moved to Milford, NY for use by Leatherstocking Railway Hist. Soc. 853.jpg
Southern New York Oneonta 495 Chestnut St No C Business Wood Gone 1930s. 1047.jpg
Southern New York Schuyler Lake CR 22 No C Private 1900 Wood/Brick Gone Other RR buildings nearby. 716.jpg
Southern New York West Oneonta 600 Rt 23 No C Business 1897 Wood/Brick Gone - 717.jpg
Ulster & Delaware Oneonta Railroad Ave No C Business - Dining 1900 Wood Gone - 737.jpg