From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Latitude, Longitude Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Erie Railroad North Tonawanda 43.026219, -78.873525 No F Historical 1922 Brick Not in use CSX Owned by Niagara Frontier Chapter-NRHS. 233.jpg
International Railway North Tonawanda 43.049300, -78.888590 Yes P Private - Wood Gone - Moved from where? 1010.jpg
International Railway Wrights Station 43.219680, -78.696370 No Business - Wood/Stone In use Somerset RR Not original trackage. 780.jpg
Lehigh Valley Niagara Falls 43.113496, -79.031836 No F Railroad 1959 Brick In use CSX No longer an Amtrak station but still a facility. 289.jpg
Lewiston & Youngstown Frontier Railway Youngstown 43.244360, -79.046990 No P Vacant - Wood Gone - - 987.jpg
New York Central Lockport 43.173900, -78.685530 No P Private 1888 Brick/Stone In use Falls Road Railroad No roof. 491.jpg
New York Central Model City (now at) 43.185560, -78.982870 Yes C Business - Wood n/a - Behind pallet company. 778.jpg
New York Central Wilson 43.297480, -78.826840 No C Historical 1891 Wood Gone - - 586.jpg
Rochester, Lockport & Buffalo Gasport 43.198289, -78.579752 Yes C Private - Wood n/a Moved in 1936 - Missing.jpg
Rochester, Lockport & Buffalo Middleport 43.217734, -78.448344 Yes C Private - Wood n/a Moved in 1940. It used to be a restaurant/bar from the 1940s up until the mid 70s maybe. After that it became apartments. The trolley station is the building on the right hand side. - Missing.jpg