From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Dansville & Mt. Morris Dansville Spruce & Battle Sts No C Vacant 1871 Wood/Stucco Gone - 71.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Greigsville (Now at) 2337 Federal Rd Yes C Private 1882 Wood n/a Also called Wadsworth Station. 159.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Groveland (now at) 8145 Rt 20A Yes C Private 1882 Wood n/a Moved to Honeoye NY 886.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Leicester South Pkwy No C Vacant 1915 Brick In use Genesee & Wyoming Being renovated. 166.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Linwood (now at) 42.891972, -77.840532 Yes C Private 1882 Wood n/a Moved to Fowlerville. 167.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Mt. Morris Lackawanna Ave. No P Vacant 1906 Brick In use Genesee & Wyoming - 172.jpg
Erie Railroad Avon 42.914032, -77.748058 No P Business 1875 Wood In use Livonia, Avon & Lakeville 196.jpg
Erie Railroad Caledonia 42.971251, -77.852089 No C Private 1851 Wood Gone - 202.jpg
Erie Railroad Geneseo (now at) Highland Rd Yes C Municipal Wood n/a - 214.jpg
Erie Railroad Livonia 42.821163, -77.669367 No C Business - Dining 1860 Wood Gone 227.jpg
Erie Railroad Mt. Morris Erie St. No Business Wood Gone - 231.jpg
Lehigh Valley Hemlock 42.796405, -77.610097 No Business 1895 Wood Gone 1907? 280.jpg
Lehigh Valley P&L Junction (now at) 42.994026, -77.883218 Yes C Historical 1891 Wood n/a Moved to Genesee Country Museum - Mumford, NY 292.jpg
New York Central Caledonia 42.975820, -77.854976 No C Business - Dining 1916 Wood In use Genesee & Wyoming - 410.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Piffard (Now at) 3783 River Rd Yes C Private 1884 Wood n/a Built from wood from PRR South Vandalia station. 672.jpg