Existing Railroad Stations in New York State

From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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In the early 1990s, I had been compiling a database of existing railroad stations in New York. After gathering about 200 stations, I decided to construct a web site. While researching these stations has been personally rewarding, I feel that sharing this information on the Internet helps others who are interested in the history and preservation of classic railroad stations.

Recent Updates

  • I'll be changing the Street column over to latitude & longitude. As I work through the counties updating photos, I've noticed not only the ones with missing streets but towns that have changed street names, especially those short or dead-end streets typically found around railroad stations. So "Railroad Street" where the railroad no longer runs becomes "Veterans Way", for example. Instead of dealing with all of that, I'll just convert it to Lat/Long.
  • April & May 2020 - Removing more depots, like PRR Hall (Ontario), and updating photos. I've been making round trips from the house on nice weekend days during the shelter in place.
  • March 27, 2020 - Removed the D&H Maryland depot - thanks Walter.
  • February 4, 2020 - Still removing stations. Too bad.
  • December 23 2019 - Hoosick Falls Passenger station is now history, having been demolished. Rensselaer county.
  • November 26 2019 - I'm done with the old emails. New emails have been coming and and since it's so much easier to update, the new emails are done too. Many new, replacement photos. Thanks!
  • November 20 2019 - I'm down to 29 emails. The remaining emails are new stations to add or at least get on the verify list. See the Verify link below. That's been updated as well.
  • November 2019 Re-Launch - I've converted this site to a Wiki format to make it easier to maintain. I went through over 200 emails that I received since I last updated the (old) site, and you may notice fewer stations on each county page. The majority of these removals were due to fires or tear-downs. I've also updated some photos and other facts that were sent to me. I still have emails I'm going through, so stay tuned for more updates.
  • If you have photos, send them in: email me. A small credit line at the bottom is helpful, although I can add it. The photos of the old site were small to save space back in 1996. Now I'm standardizing on something around 1200 pixels wide.