From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Latitude, Longitude Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Buffalo & Lake Erie Farnham 42.588612, -79.088380 No P Vacant - Concrete Gone - Flagstop shelter. 851.jpg
Buffalo & Susquehanna Boston (now at) 42.629360, -78.729600 Yes C Private 1906 Wood n/a - - 45.jpg
Buffalo & Susquehanna Hamburg (now at) 42.722680, -78.823080 Yes C Private 1907 Wood n/a - - 48.jpg
Buffalo & Susquehanna Sardinia (now at) 42.541500, -78.508500 Yes C Private 1906 Wood n/a - Extensively changed. 51.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Orchard Park 42.758455, -78.747107 No P Historical 1912 Brick Gone - National Register of Historical Sites. 31.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Orchard Park 42.758968, -78.747772 No F Historical 5/31/1912 Brick Gone - National Register of Historical Sites. 32.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Springville 42.509284, -78.675418 No P Business 3/7/1911 Brick Not in use Buffalo & Pittsburgh National Register of Historic Places 38.jpg
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh West Falls 42.709520, -78.682060 No C Private 1917 Wood Gone - - 41.jpg
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Buffalo 42.873900, -78.876570 No P Railroad 1917 Concrete In use NFTA Used by DL&W, B&O,NKP ,WABASH and great lake's steamship lines. Abandoned by EL in 11/62. Train shed rebuilt and used as light rail car shop by Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority. 983.jpg
Erie Railroad Alden 42.896950, -78.497080 No C Business - Wood In use NS - 193.jpg
Erie Railroad Buffalo 515 Babcock St. No P Railroad - Steel In use CPRail Joint EL and NKP. Now yard office. 100px
Erie Railroad Buffalo 42.876310, -78.860750 No F Business - Brick In use CSX - 201.jpg
Erie Railroad Eden Center Depot St. No C Business - Wood In use Buffalo Southern Also BS offices. 211.jpg
Erie Railroad Hamburg 4 Scott St. No C Business 1881 Wood In use Buffalo Southern - 218.jpg
Erie Railroad Hamburg 353 Pleasant Ave No P Municipal - Brick/Stucco In use Buffalo Southern - 219.jpg
Erie Railroad North Collins Railroad St. No F Business 1898 Wood In use Buffalo Southern - 232.jpg
Lehigh Valley Williamsville 42.958992, -78.752843 No C Historical 11/1896 Wood Gone - - 296.jpg
New York Central Buffalo Memorial Dr. No P Vacant 1929 Concrete In use CSX Central Terminal 408.jpg
New York Central Buffalo 42.940964, -78.844794 No P Private 1890 Brick In use CSX - 409.jpg
New York Central Buffalo 42.932040, -78.897330 No F Business - Brick Gone - Black Rock section of Buffalo. Restored. 397.jpg
New York Central Crittenden (Now at) Crittenden Rd Yes F Business - Wood n/a - Moved 50 yards. 435.jpg
New York Central Getzville (Now at) 43.020852, -78.767493 Yes C Private 1905 Wood/Brick n/a - - 458.jpg
New York Central Tonawanda 43.010530, -78.877320 No P Business 1912 Brick In use CSX - 567.jpg
New York Central Tonawanda 43.017030, -78.878530 No P Historical 1870 Brick Gone - On old ROW before elevation. 520.jpg
Nickel Plate Angola (Now at) Main St Yes C Vacant 1882 Wood n/a NS Moved 30-40 feet. 654.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad East Aurora 27 Riley St. No P Business - Dining 1920 Brick In use NS - 661.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Elma (now at) Woddard Rd Yes P Private 1895 Wood n/a - - 989.jpg
Wabash Buffalo 42.932414, -78.900654 No F Business - Brick In use Canandian National Black Rock section of Buffalo. Used by Erie, GT, MC, NYC&HR and Wabash. Now used by US Customs. 747.jpg