From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Buffalo & Lake Erie Brocton Rt 20 N P Municipal Block/Wood Gone - 20.jpg
Chautauqua Traction Co. Ashville Rt 474 N P Business 1903 Brick Gone - 67.jpg
Chautauqua Traction Co. Chautauqua Institution Rt 394 N P Private 1917 Brick Gone Main entrance building. Now enclosed in a protective "shell". 68.jpg
Chautauqua Traction Co. Cheney's Point Ash St N P Private 1903 Brick Gone - 849.jpg
Chautauqua Traction Co. Green's Park (now at) Y P Private Wood Gone It's moved and the best guess is from Green's Park. Found along Rt. 394 between Asheville and Cheyney's Point. 10008.jpg
Chautauqua Traction Co. Lighthouse Point Rt 394 N P Business 1904 Brick Gone - 848.jpg
Chautauqua Traction Co. Stow 3479 Old Bridge Rd N P Municipal 1094 Brick Gone - 1026.jpg
Erie Railroad Cherry Creek Depot St N C Business 1896 Wood In use New York & Lake Erie - 206.jpg
Erie Railroad Forrestville Erie St N C Vacant Wood Gone Most likely to be torn down soon. 213.jpg
Erie Railroad Jamestown Second St N P Business 1931 Brick/Stone In use Western New York and Pennsylvania 224.jpg
Erie Railroad Jamestown Chandler N F Business Concrete Gone -
Erie Railroad Kennedy Church St Y C Municipal Wood n/a - 1007.jpg
Jamestown, Westfield & North Western Bemus Point 62 Center St N C Private Wood Gone - 850.jpg
Jamestown, Westfield & North Western Jamestown Fairmount Ave & W 8th N P Business 1942 Block Not in use At the boatlanding. 852.jpg
New York Central Cassadaga (now at) 8175 Rt 60 Y P Private Wood Gone At Camp Gross, north of Cassadaga. 955.jpg
New York Central Dunkirk 3rd St & Main St N Railroad Brick In use CSX 1940s? 444.jpg
New York Central Fredonia Prospect St N F Vacant Wood Gone - 453.jpg
New York Central Lily Dale (now at) 8175 Rt 60 Y P Private Gone At Camp Gross, north of Cassadaga. 954.jpg
New York Central Westfield English St N P Private Brick/Stone In use CSX Joint with the JW&NW. 582.jpg
New York Central Westfield English St N F Vacant Brick/Stone In use CSX - 583.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Brocton (Now at) Rt 20 Y C Historical 1882 Wood n/a Joint with NKP. Moved in 1969. 659.jpg
Pennsylvania Railroad Mayville South Erie St N C Historical 1925 Brick Gone - 666.jpg