From Existing Railroad Stations in New York State
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Railroad City Street Moved Type Use Built Material Trackage Current Railroad Note Photo
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Earlville East Main St Ext No C Railroad 1912 Brick In use NYS&W - 157.jpg
Lehigh Valley Cazenovia 25 William St No P Business 1870 Wood Gone - 269.jpg
Lehigh Valley Cazenovia 27 William St No F Business Wood Gone - 270.jpg
Lehigh Valley De Ruyter (Now at) Railroad St Yes F Private 1871 Wood n/a - 274.jpg
Lehigh Valley New Woodstock Railroad Ave No C Historical 1887 Wood Gone Rebuilt date 287.jpg
New York Central Canastota E Center St No F Business Brick In use CSX - 415.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Bouckville Rt 20 No C Business 1913 Stucco/Brick Gone - 595.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Earlville West Main St No C Vacant 1869 Wood Gone Joint with West Shore. 604.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Eaton Station Sherburne Rd No C Business Wood Gone Built around 1860. Railroad name was Eaton. 605.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Hamilton Milford St No F Vacant 1872 Wood Gone Restored. 609.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Hamilton Milford St No P Business 1872 Wood Gone - 610.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Munnsville Station Rd No C Private 1870 Wood Gone Railroad name was Munns. 622.jpg
New York, Ontario & Western Stockbridge (now at) Haslauer Rd Yes P Private 1888 Wood n/a - Missing.jpg
Unadilla Valley Leonardsville 11321 County Route 19 (Center Street) No C Vacant Wood Gone - 745.jpg
Unadilla Valley Unadilla Forks (now at) 11357 Forks R Yes C Private Wood Gone - 1060.jpg
Unadilla Valley West Edmeston 10864 Welsh Rd No C Business Wood Gone - 746.jpg
West Shore Chittenango Wheeler Rd Yes P Business Wood n/a - 988.jpg
West Shore Eritown (Erieville) Stearns Rd Yes C Private Wood n/a Last of three stations. Name changed to Eritown in 1914. 1028.jpg
West Shore Georgetown Station Rt 26 No C Private Wood Gone - 457.jpg
West Shore Lebanon Lebanon Rd No C Municipal 1909 Wood Gone - 488.jpg
West Shore Oneida Dodge St No F Business Wood Gone - 765.jpg
West Shore Rippleton Ballina Rd Yes C Private Wood n/a Last of two stations. 1027.jpg