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Below is a list of links to sites on the web that pertain to stations and structures in New York State. Also included are some other sites dealing with stations. This is not a listing of railroad sites in general.

If you have a station or depot link you'd like to see here, email me a message.

New York State

Link Description
Railroad Station Historical Society Encourage the growth and preservation of historical knowledge of railroad stations/depots and other railroad/railway structures worldwide
Railroad Station Historical Society Mailing List This link will allow you to join a mailing list covering stations in New York as well as other areas of the country
The Little Station in the Woods Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company
D. & R. Depot Restaurant BR&P station in Le Roy
Adirondack Branch of the D&H D&H Adirondack Branch station photos and info. Very well done site
Susquehanna River Rail-Trail D&H Windsor (Broome) station
Delaware and Hudson, The Virtual Museum Various D&H stations
Ticonderoga Branch Delaware and Hudson D&H stations on the Ticonderoga Branch
North Creek Railway Depot Museum D&H station in North Creek
Leatherstocking Railway Historical Society Various station photos.
The Chester Historical Society Erie Railroad station at Chester, NY
The Erie Lackawanna Railroad Home Page Various Erie Railroad and DL&W stations
Rich Tubb's Erie Lackawanna Page Various Erie Railroad and DL&W stations
Another Lackawanna Railroad Station Various Erie Railroad stations
Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville R.R. Various FJ&G Railroad stations
Wantagh Preservation Society Long Island Rail Road station at Wantagh, NY
Long Island Rail Road History Page Lots of Long Island Rail Road station info, past and present
NYC Ottawa Division New York Central's Ottawa Division in Norhtern New York
Buffalo Central Terminal New York Central's terminal in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Central Terminal New York Central's terminal in Buffalo, NY
The Hyde Park Station New York Central station at Hyde Park, NY
Central New York NRHS New York Central station at Martisco, NY
Central New York Model Railroad Club New York Central station at Skaneateles Jct, NY
Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society O&W stations with photos
Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway Homepage R&E info and station pics.
Remembering the Rutland Rutland information including stations.
Ulster & Delaware RR Historical Society U & D information.
Empire State Railway Museum U & D information including the Phoenicia Station.
New York City Subway Resources Various Metro-North stations (ex-New York Central) and subway stations.
Western New York Railway Historical Society Information on the BR&P and LV stations they own.
[1] The Metro-North Panorama Project.

Rest of the U.S.

Link Description
Missouri Railroad Depots Railroad stations in the state of Missouri.
Remember the Sussex Branch DL&W Sussex Branch Which was in Sussex County, New Jersey.
Existing RR Stations - New Hampshire Just as the name says. The third state to be done on the web. A good friend of mine and a big contributor to this site. Check out Gary's site.
Existing RR Stations - Massachusetts Just as the name says. A good friend of mine and a big contributor to this site. Check out Gary's site.
Michigan Passenger and Freight Depots A look at some of the stations still standing in Michigan.
Newfoundland Rail Scenes An online album of railway and rail-related photographs, featuring locations, stations, equipment and people I have photographed during the railfanning travels of Randy P. Noseworthy.
Northeast Texas Railraod Station & Depot Photo Archive Listing of stations covering Northeast Texas.
Santa Fe Surviving Depots A listing of all known Santa Fe depots still existing.
Railroad Stations of San Antonio, TX This city along with some other Texas cities.