Railroad Maps
Updated 1/1/2001

A few notes:

  • These maps were created to graphically reperesent what stations are still in existence on a particular rail line. Some railroads will be shown in full (such as a shortline), other large railroads will be shown by division. This keeps things simple.
  • Towns in bold are still standing. Towns in italic, and slightly darker type, are gone.
  • County outlines are shown if the railroad crosses a county line. Otherwise, the county that the rail line is wholly located is noted.

I also have a DeLorme Street Atlas file with station that are gone and still existing. Download it here -> Station.sa4

Railroad Line(s)
Bath & Hammondsport Mainline
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh All NY State lines
Chautauqua Traction Co. Mainline
Delaware & Hudson Cherry Valley Branch
Cooperstown Branch
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Ithaca Branch
Richfield Springs Branch
Utica Branch
Erie Railroad Allegheny Div (Salamanca to Dunkirk)
Buffalo & South Western Branch
Rochester Div.
Jamestown, Westfield & North Western Mainline
Kanona & Prattsburgh Mainline
Lehigh Valley Hemlock Branch
Naples Branch
Middleburg & Schoharie Mainline
New York Central DAV&P Branch
Pennsylvania Railroad Buffalo Branch
Elmira Branch
Marion Branch
Oil City Branch
Rochester Branch
Salamanca Branch
Sodus Branch
Rutland Rouses Point to Ogdensburg Mainline
Chatham Branch
Schoharie Valley Mainline
Southern New York Mainline
Ulster & Delaware Mainline and Branches