Station Links
Updated 12/31/2008

Below is a list of links to sites on the web that pertain to stations and structures in New York State. Also included are some other sites dealing with stations. This is not a listing of railroad sites in general.

If you have a link you'd like to see here, e-mail me a message.

New York State:

Railroad Station Historical Society
  • Encourage the growth and preservation of historical knowledge of railroad stations/depots and other railroad/railway structures worldwide.
Railroad Station Historical Society Mailing List
  • This link will allow you to join a mailing list covering stations in New York as well as other areas of the country.
The Little Station in the Woods
  • Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company
D. & R. Depot Restaurant
  • BR&P station in Le Roy.
Adirondack Branch of the D&H
  • D&H Adirondack Branch station photos and info. Very well done site.
The Bridge Line Historical Society - Station Photographs
  • D&H station photos.
The Central New England Railway
  • CNE photos.
Susquehanna River Rail-Trail
  • D&H Windsor (Broome) station.
Delaware and Hudson, The Virtual Museum
  • Various D&H stations.
Ticonderoga Branch Delaware and Hudson
  • D&H stations on the Ticonderoga Branch.
North Creek Railway Depot Museum
  • D&H station in North Creek in HO Scale.
Thurman Station Association
  • D&H station in Thurman.
Leatherstocking Railway Historical Society
  • Various station photos.
Erie Chester Station
  • Erie Railroad station at Chester, NY
The Erie Lackawanna Railroad Home Page
  • Various Erie Railroad and DL&W stations
Rich Tubb's Erie Lackawanna Page
  • Various Erie Railroad and DL&W stations
Another Lackawanna Railroad Station
  • Various Erie Railroad stations
The NJ&NY Railroad and the Erie Piermont Branch Page
  • Various Erie Railroad stations
Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville R.R.
  • Various FJ&G Railroad stations
Historic Locke, New York
  • Lehigh Valley at Locke. Look under J. Arthur Jones section
Wantagh Historical Society
  • Long Island Rail Road station at Wantagh, NY
Long Island Rail Road History Page
  • Lots of Long Island Rail Road station info, past and present
S. Berliner, III's Long Island Rail Road Index Page
  • Long Island Rail Road station info
NYC Ottawa Division
  • New York Central's Ottawa Division in Norhtern New York
Buffalo Central Terminal
  • New York Central's terminal in Buffalo, NY
Buffalo Central Terminal
  • New York Central's terminal in Buffalo, NY
The Hyde Park Station
  • New York Central station at Hyde Park, NY
Central New York NRHS
  • New York Central station at Martisco, NY
North Tonawanda History Museum
  • New York Central station at North Tonawanda, NY
Central New York Model Railroad Club
  • New York Central station at Skaneatles Jct, NY
Ontario & Western Railway Historical Society
  • O&W stations with photos
The Maywood Historical Group
  • O&W station in Sidney Center, NY
The Pennsylvania Railroad: The Philadelphia & Erie and Erie & Pittsburgh Branches
  • Includes the Pennsylvania Railroad in southwestern NY State.
Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway Homepage
  • R&E info and station pics.
Remembering the Rutland
  • Rutland information including stations.
Ulster & Delaware RR Historical Society
  • U & D information.
Empire State Railway Museum
  • U & D information including the Phoenicia Station.
The Late, Great Pennsylvania Station
  • The one in New York. Compliments a book that is for sale.
New York City Subway Resources
  • Various Metro-North stations (ex-New York Central) and subway stations.
Rails and Transit
  • Various abandon subway station lists for New York City.
Railroads of the Adirondacks by Michael Kudish
  • A review of the above mentioned book. The book is a good buy and must have for NY railroad fans.
Western New York Railway Historical Society
  • Information on the BR&P and LV stations they own.
Jamestown Area Railfan Page
  • Information on the Jamestown/Chautauqua County area.

Other regions:

Missouri Railroad Depots
  • Railroad stations in the state of Missouri.
The First Railroad in Sussex County New Jersey
  • DL&W Sussex Branch Which was in Sussex County, New Jersey.
Existing RR Stations - New Hampshire
  • Just as the name says. The third state to be done on the web. A good friend of mine and a big contributor to this site. Check out Gary's site.
Chris Brandt's (PRR) Homepage
  • Pennsylvania Railroad with photos of various PRR stations around Philadelphia, PA
Existing RR Stations - Massachusetts
  • Just as the name says. A good friend of mine and a big contributor to this site. Check out Gary's site.
Michigan Passenger Stations
  • A look at some of the passenger stations still standing in Michigan.
Railway Stations of Ontario and Canada
  • A Directory that is availble for sale about the stations of Ontario and Canada.
Newfoundland Rail Scenes
  • An online album of railway and rail-related photographs, featuring locations, stations, equipment and people I have photographed during the railfanning travels of Randy P. Noseworthy.
Railroad Station Home Page
  • A site is devoted to the architecture and history of railroad stations and terminuses around the world.
Northeast Texas Railraod Station & Depot Photo Archive
  • Listing of stations covering Northeast Texas.
Santa Fe Surviving Depots
  • A listing of all known Santa Fe depots still existing.
Railroad Stations of San Antonio, TX
  • This city along with some other Texas cities.