About This Site

A few notes if you're planning on visiting these stations:

  • Stations listed as Use = Private are usually someone's home. Some people don't care that you like trains and don't want anyone around taking pictures. Ask first!
  • Stations listed as Use = Business are just that, and photos can be easily had.
  • Stations listed as Use = Business-Dining are places you can eat. I don't vouch for the type and quality of food or the atmosphere, but it may be a nice chance to eat in a station and maybe see a train if on an active rail line. Photos can be easily had.
  • Stations listed as Use = Municipal are local/state run offices such as police, fire, library, and village offices. Hours are usually 9-5 if you want to look around.
  • Stations listed as Use = Historical are used by a museum or historical society. It does not denote historical significance or national/state historical places status.
  • Stations listed as Moved = Yes have a street address, when listed, is of the current location. Current town will be in the notes. City represents what city the station was built for.
  • Stations where Track = In Use means that there is an active railroad using the tracks. Be careful around the tracks and always ask for permission when on railroad property.
  • Stations where Track = n/a means that the station has been moved (see Moved = Yes above) and that the trackage may or may not still be in its original place. Sometimes stations are move 100 feet; sometime 100 miles.
  • Station Type = Combination, Freight, and Passenger.
  • Street containing a "(now at)" means this is the street the station has been moved to. If it has been moved to a new city, the city will be in the notes section.

If I don't have a piece of information, such as a built date or street, you'll see a question mark (???) that will allow you to e-mail me a message. Be sure to include what station you are referring to (railroad and city). Please feel free to contribute as much information as you can.

If you see a camera ([Photo Available]) next to a city name, that means there is a picture of that station located in the archive.

For more information about this site, check out the FAQ.